• Joint office space for venture investment company and art gallery

    The unusual task of creating a space for co-dwelling of office and gallery programs with shared zone of reception and meeting room. All three compartments are divided by fully transparent glass partitions. The special atmosphere of art gallery permeates into office, while the gallery could make use of all office infrastructure when needed.

    A special attention is paid to the use of materials. A carefully selected combination of natural textures of concrete, paper, and light, with main material – handpainted fibercement boards, creates unique atmosphere of the office. Transparency of glass and a cloud of paper lamps, filled with light, accentuate the play of textures.

    Architects: Denis Chistov, Grigory Guryanov, Stanislav Kaptur, Julia Mikhaltsova

    Client: «Target Ventures» Investment Company
    Contractor: Vladimir Goy
    GBA: 345 sqm