• Refurbishment of former billiards pavilion into Kids’ leisure club.

    In 2012 Praktika had been involved into Moscow municipal program for improvement of city parks. We designed several pavilions for Perovsky park located in the dormitory district of Perovo.

    Client’s request was to convert existing billiards pavilion into a place for leisure time and after-school activities for local children. We applied new big windows and wooden facade cladding to existing structure. Flower tubs with heather are added to the South facade. The idea was to engage kids attending the club into cultivating and caring for plants. A big main room for diverse children activities and small back-of-house facilities are located inside the building.

    Architects: Denis Chistov, Anastasia Glukhova,
    Grigory Guryanov, Evgeniya Mikheeva
    in collaboration with landscape architect Anna Andreyeva

    Client: Perovsky park management and Mosgorpark agency

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