• A countryside weekend house for a small family.

    Designed to be built on a forested site with access to the pond’s shore, the house explores the ways to find a proper place in natural environment. Special attention is paid to the search for appropriate scale and intonation, that would recall the calm atmosphere of old dacha. Contemporary solution discreetly and carefully inscribed into the landscape.

    The house is located in the middle of a lengthy and narrow plot. A long pedestrian pathway leads through dense vegetation to the front door. Continued by entry hall and rear terrace exit, it goes further to the waterfront. The house is lifted above the ground on a pile foundation, which makes construction possible without spoiling the site by excavation works. The use of vertical timber bars technology allows for 100% wooden structure. Inside there are a big spacious living room with a kitchen and a mantelpiece, and 3 bedrooms. Light interior spaces make a contrast to deep dark facade cladding of burned planks. A sheltered terrace equipped with barbecue hearth is faced towards the water.

    Architects: Denis Chistov, Stanislav Kaptur

    Client: private person
    GBA: 138 sqm
  • siteplan
  • ground floor plan
  • mezzanine plan