• Project aims to activate a new life of Valery Brusov river cruise boat, moored at Moscow's Krymskaya Embarkment close to 'Central House of Artists' exhibition hall and Gorky Park. Convert an abandon ship into a new spot on the city's map of public and cultural life.

    The strategy taken is to launch a series of relatively small onboard public spaces which are to act as temporary points of attraction during the reconstruction process of the main ship's spaces is being held. Decks and galleries are open to free access and circulation of visiting people, being places for pop-up events and urban style leisure time activities. This will make the ship recognisable as new city's attractive public spot before the main reconstruction process is completed. The Disk installed in-between serves as main entry way, creating another pop-up public space in-between a ship and a bank. A friendly way to access aboard.

    Convertion of the boat for river cruises into the new urban public space. Krymskaya emb, Moscow


    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Denis Chistov, Alina Petrakova, Juliya Mikhaltsova, Stas Kaptur

    In collaboration with Alphabet City Studio