• Kids’ summer camp for Nikola-Lenivets arts-and-crafts park in Kaluga region, Russia. The camp’s concept was to boost kids’ creativity in contact with nature and land-art objects of Nikola-Lenivets park. 5 shifts focused on architecture, design, media, art, natural sciences and documentalistics were held here with more than 500 kids and teenagers attending totally.

    We created a camp’s masterplan and designed main public facilities e.g. Auditorium and a wash-basins/wc/showers cabins.

    Auditorium is the core building and the heart of the camp’s life. A place for studies, exhibitions, performances, meals, parties and nighttime teachers’ hangouts. Auditorium is a 36x13 meters sized rectangular plot of the forest, with a wooden decking floor, and a white folded tent for a roof. Trunks of mature birches grow up out of the floor and, piercing the tent roof, go upwards to the sky. The roof is supported with a structure of slim timber stations and beams. Auditorium is sheltered from wind and rain with walls of white movable curtains.

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Denis Chistov, Evgenia Mikheeva 

    Client: Archpolis agency   
  • photo Vika Bogorodskaya