• Bird's-eye view of the Citadel and entrance plaza area
    Naryn-Kala Citadel is Derbent’s main tourist attraction. On the plaza in front of the entrance to the citadel there are always many schoolchildren, families with kids and tourists. This area serves as an important transportation knot providing an access to the object of heritage, and an observation point with a great view of the city, its defensive walls and Citadel itself.

    Expected tourism growth in the near future will result in an increased flow of visitors through the area. The projected launch of a cable car station in the near vicinity will create additional connections and traffic routes for tourists. Beautification of the Pine Forest Park will increase the road transit and will require traffic management measures. These factors demand a qualitative rethinking of the spatial, functional and contextual organization of the site, and are addressed in the design concept for its renewal.

    Design concept proposal includes:
    1. Renovating of the unused circular stage built in the 1970s and transforming it into an open amphitheatre. The seasonal stage will be equipped with a light tent structure mounted the tourist season.
    2. Renovating of the stairs leading down the slope to the city’s historical core. The stairs will be equipped with a handrail and lighting.
    3. Transforming of the transportation scheme and establishment of a turnaround area for tourist buses and taxis. Private vehicle traffic on plaza is limited to drop-offs. Public parking is provided on adjacent area higher up the slope.
    4. Widening of the pedestrian plaza providing a cantilevered observation balcony and additional seating areas to increase visitor reception capacity. Arrangement of pedestrian crossings to improve safety and connectivity of the area to the nearby restaurant.
    5. Additional lighting and vegetation in the area.

    Architects: Denis Chistov, Yana Kotelnikova

    Location: Derbent, Republic of Dagestan
    Client: Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the city of Derbent
    GBA: 1697 sqm
    Project: 2021

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  • View of the Naryn-kala fortress
  • Amphitheater with seasonal tent
  • U-turn area for buses
  • Section cut of the slope of the amphitheater
  • Ancient tombstone near the amphitheater
  • View of the site at present state
  • Location plan