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    Novospassky Business Quarter occupies a site and buildings of former Emil Zindel printwork factory, one of the Moscow’s oldest manufactories which was established almost 200 years ago. 

    Novospassky Club space is designed to provide residents and visitors of the Quarter with a range of high-quality services and opportunities: a museum dedicated to the local history of the place with a narrative and original artifacts of the industrial past; a public living room with a library; comfortable and modern business co-working space with a conference hall; finally, a cozy lounge area and a bar. The core space of the Club is a spacious event hall, capable of hosting wide range of corporate events, banquets, exhibitions, lectures, concerts, educational studios and classes.

    The Club consists of two major zones, a public part with event hall, and a working zone around business co-working space. The two zones have separate entrances, yet are internally connected both spaciously and with programmed scenarios of everyday use.

    Event hall is a spacious 400 sqm-room with high 8-meter ceiling, which allows for installing additional balcony at mezzanine level with a café and a bar. A balustrade on a balcony is designed in a shape of a bar counter. You can have a seat and watch an event from above while enjoying a cup of coffee.

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Liubov Viller, Stanislav Kaptur, Vladimir Shtepo, Nikita Permyakov

    Client: PSN Group
    GBA: 1605 sqm
    Project: 2017

  • Event hall
  • Event hall
  • History of a place museum room
  • History of a place museum room
  • Main level model
  • Mezzanine level model
  • Main level plan
  • Mezzanine level plan