• Main pavilion in Olympic Village park in the South-West of Moscow.

    The pavilion is located on the edge of the hill, on a spot with great panoramic views over Olympiyskie ponds and park. Two major park alleys meet here. The pavilion becomes literally a part of walking and cycling path running along the high bank of the ponds. A 100 meters-long ribbon is cut out of the path and lifted up to form a bridge. Under it, two transparent glass volumes are placed, designated to accommodate a café and a jogging club. Another perpendicular alley that goes from the main entrance of the park, passes through the central archway of pavilion to the front lookout terrace, offering to visitors a spectacular panorama and a hang-out place.

    The pavilion is our contribution into creating a quality everyday environment for people living in this part of Moscow.

    Architects: Denis Chistov, Grigory Guryanov, Alina Petrakova, Stefania Stambolieva, Stanislav Kaptur
    Structural engeneer: Alexander Egorov

    Client: MosGorPark agency
    GBA: 510 sqm
  • model displayed on ArchMoscow-2016 exhibition