• Paperclip
    Office for Designer studio – with no interior design.

    Project for refurbishment of the 2-level former industrial shop in Moscow.
    Created for ArtLebedev design studio.

    The project idea is based on three key aims.
    The first is to create a flexible, functional and comfortable space for studio’s everyday work.
    The second is to develop a strategy how to prepare the space for studio move-in within extremely limited time.
    The third is to propose design with no signs of design.

    We believe that the space of shop itself has an aesthetical value and no additional decoration is needed. Main idea of the project does not depend on particular furniture, equipment or color scheme. Some features are left open for self-domestication of the space by studio staff.

    Competition entry, 2012
  • Big terraced stairway connects lower and upper levels into one continuous open-space working zone.

  • How to prepare the space for studio move-in within extremely limited time with 3-stage strategy

    1 stage
    At this stage the floor finishing is executed, MEP utilities are installed uncovered under the ceiling. All the wiring is provided in open under-ceiling trays. Future partitions location is indicated on the floor with color sticker tape – and the space is ready for moving in.

    2 stage
    Partitions assembling. Our intention is to use light frame structures that require screwdriver tools only. The montage is to be carried out at night-time and weekends in order not to disturb the studio work process.

    3 stage
    Further decoration and self-domestication of the space by studio staff. Lounge zones are created on the top of office boxes.

  • Open and flexible working spaces layout

    Random removal of working tables from layout matrix provides some extra space for creating variety of lounge zones, exhibition stands, meeting tables, and relaxation places. Amount of working places/additional facilities could be easily adjusted to current studio’s needs.