• «Hovering promenade»
    The city's main promenade is an integral part and trademark of seaside towns. Ecopolis' seafront promenade takes advantage of the potential of the site's natural topography.

    The line of the promenade raid above the water allows keeping intact the natural bank and creates an expressive architectural image of the «hovering city».

    Basic principle of the shoreline design without creating any reclamation land allows the citizens of Ekopolis to benefit from a natural seafront and protects the habitats of the Aniva Bay's marine life.
    The rejection of the reclamation land was a conscious decision of the consortium; although it was against the statement of work of the competition the high rate of the international jury was received.

    The existing active relief dictates the two-level organization of the seafront. The upper level on the edge of the cliff offers the best panoramic views, connects new territories to the sea facade, and forms the silhouette of Ecopolis seen from the sea. The lower level allows direct visual and sensory contact with water, while simultaneously providing technological processes of interaction between research and production and transport and logistics clusters.
    The lower level of the seafront provides transport, pedestrian, functional, recreational and socio-cultural communication of parts of Ecopolis from old Korsakov to the eastern end of the new city.
    Open International Competition for the Development of an Architectural and Urban Planning Concept of a New City in the Sakhalin Region, 2nd place

    Developed in collaboration and under the leadership Novaya zemlya

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Denis Chistov, Anna Karneeva, Christina Neletova, Yana Kotelnikova, Olesya Olkhovskaya, Polina Kachanova, Anastasia Vertakova

    Visualizations: Praktika bureau, SUN Studio

    Location: Korsakov city, Sakhalin Oblast
    Client: Government of Sakhalin Oblast
    Site area: 22,2 ha
    Designed: 2021
  • Bird's-eye view of Ecopolis
  • Fragment of the embankment construction
  • Panoramic view of the seafront promenade and the marina
  • Cycling and hiking trail
  • The upper level on the edge of the cliff
  • Section cut of the slope of the promenade
  • Sports cluster in winter
  • Eastern eco-trail under the cliff
  • Renovated port of Korsakov city