• *Swedish-style buffet table

    …There was a tradition in old soviet communal apartments, all the tenants got together in a shared kitchen to celebrate holidays at one common table. Everybody prepared his favorite dish as a contribution to a joined feast. Kitchens were so small that it was a choice either to eat or to dance…

    Urban block of standartized dimentions for the Block City concept by Bart Goldhoorn

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Denis Chistov, Anastasia Glukhova

    competition entry
  • 6 steps to a Smorgasbord urban block:

    1. The site is divided into several plots, each considered as a separate property.
    2. Front line of a single plot is built up with a one-entrance apartment building. An open parking for 10 cars is situated at the back of plot. Distance between parking and a building is provided more than 10 meters in compliance with rules. Distance between parkings on neighbouring plots is not regulated by rules.
    3. All the apartments in a building are double-sided so possibility of 360-degrees orientation of the block is achieved. All the apartments are accessible by the fire engine from the street.
    4. Courtyard behind the building is а private space for the tenants of the house. They make a community and jointly beautify and maintain their courtyard.
    5. Parking lot at the back of courtyard is covered with a flat roof. The roofs over all the parkings in the block form a continuous esplanade which is accessible from every plot via stairs and pedestrian bridges.
    6. Esplanade is an inner semi-public space where all the tenants of the urban block can meet and spend their free time. Maintaining their part of the esplanade is a contribution of a single house tenants to an urban block shared space. Spending money for a part allows to enjoy the benefits of the whole.