• A concept stage project of sporting and edutainment cluster in abandoned workshops of Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant in Moscow. The site of the former factory is partly occupied by another big development project of the same client, Sreda residential complex, which is currently being constructed. Eventually, renovation aims to create a quality infrastructure for its future tenants.

    Vast spaces of former workshops suit ideally to house a variety of sports facilities: basketball, trampolines, martial arts, fitness club. Sport is accompanied with edutainment infrastructure, retail spaces, and foodcourt. In the space in-between the buildings an open-air sportive park is created, with climbing wall, tennis, volleyball, mini-football playgrounds, skatepark, parkour training zone, a plaza with a stage for summer outdoor concerts and events, and a kids’ adventure park.

    To preserve and emphasize identity and atmosphere of the place, a variety of artefacts of industrial past were integrated into the project: gantry cranes, rails, loading docks and trenches, lighting masts.

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Stefania Stambolieva, Lyubov Viller, Sophia Akimenko, Stanislav Kaptur

    Client: PSN Property Management
    GBA: 15500 sqm of buildings
    18100 sqm of outdoor spaces

  • public sports park
  • climbing wall
  • skatepark & parkour training zone
  • team sports zone
  • lounge area
  • kids' adventure landscape