• Balashikha cotton mill conversion and renovation strategy

    Balashikha Cotton Spinning Factory (BCSF) is a historical industrial heritage site: the factory was built in the mid-19th century on the banks of the Pekhorka river. At present, the original function of the site has become obsolete and degraded. The project aims at creating a strategy for the renewal of the factory — both its buildings and territory as a whole with the adoption of new functions, responding to the current needs of city's contemporary development and revealing the historical and cultural potential of the site.

    BCSF has an excellent potential to fill the empty niche of 'Balashikha's historic old town' on the city's mental map.

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Valeria Bazinovskaya, Natalia Bavykina, Ekaterina Retinskaya, Vladimir Shtepo

    Location: Balashikha, Moscow region
    Client: Company "Russian knitwear"
    GBA: 65000 sqm