• Stadium in a Park, not park at side of stadium!

    History of the park of Moscow Dynamo Stadium is a story of its continuous shrinking. Step by step, over last 90 years parts of it have been cut off and built up. Nowadays a considerably small triangular piece of green land remained of what used to be a big park. Key aim of the project is to revert shrinking process into the new growth.

    Instead of renovating the green plot at side of stadium we introduce a 'Stadium at the Greater Park' concept.

    Renovation of Dynamo Park, Moscow
    Competition entry, 1st Prize
    Client: JSC UK Dynamo
    Competition organized by: Pravila Obsheniya
    1st Prize shared with Konstantinov/Zalivukhin team


    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Denis Chistov, Alina Petrakova, Evgeniya Mikheeva, Juliya Mikhaltsova, Anastasia Glukhova