• photos by Praktika
    Sadovniki park administration building is designed as a standart for this kind of buildings to be built in Moscow parks. Two functional programs are comprised under one roof: a public offices for park management clerks, and maintenance facilities e.g. repair shop, tools storage and a garage.

    All the premises are placed into a simple rectangular block outlined with permeable outer envelope of vertical fins. A gallery behind fins is a transitional space between the building and the park. Two types of façade materials – wood for office and metal/ stucco for maintenance facilities correspond to double functional program of the building.

    The project is intended for repeated use. When construction is held on a new site, the contour of outer envelope is slightly adapted to new environment features. Beside the building already completed in Sadovniki, another one is currently being erected in Moscow’s Olympiysky park.

    Architects: Denis Chistov, Grigory Guryanov, Julia Mikhaltsova, Inna Sitaeva

    Client: Mosgorpark agency
    General Designer of Sadovniki park revitalisation project: LDA Design, Alphabet City

    GBA: 460 sqm

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