• Pavilion for “Park at Djamgarovsky pond”. The park located in Northern outskirts of Moscow was scheduled for renovation in 2013. New park masterplan was created by London-based LDA Design Architects in collaboration with local Moscow Alphabet City studio. By masterplan, a pavilion with small café, sports equipment rental and a space for public events is placed in the heart of the park.

    Praktika bureau was commissioned to design a pavilion within parameters defined by Masterplan. We chose a donut-shaped plan to match the logic of park’s winding pathways. In the center of donut there is a tiny inner courtyard with a single tree growing. A pavilion itself is a circular chain of Café and rental volumes and a semi-open spaces in gaps between them, allowing for a free-flow pedestrian circulation.

    Djamgarovsky Park renovation is a part of municipal program for Moscow city parks improvement, managed and operated by MosGorPark State Agency.

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Denis Chistov, Stanislav Kaptur, Stefania Stambolieva
    Structural engineering: Alexander Egorov

    Client: MosGorPark agency
    GBA: 520 sqm

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