• photo by Edik Ilyin
    Building #7 renovation @ Design-zavod Flacon, Moscow

    Flacon’s #7 stands in a raw of buildings at Northern front of Flacon campus, along Novodmitrovskaya street. Building’s facades renovated, roof lifted up, new attic space added.

    Existed low and non-usable attic fully renewed and converted into a spacious loft. An old roof replaced with new one: sufficient insulation provided, slope rate increased and central ridge lifted up by 2 meters. Exterior stairs and balconies added, allowing direct access to the new attic from the street level.

    Design-zavod Flacon is a former glass plant in the north of Moscow, converted into a cluster of creative industries. Since 2010 it offers office spaces for rent, with loose and informal atmosphere of DIY environment and lots of leisure activities.

    Architects: Grigory Guryanov, Stanislav Kaptur
    Structural engineering: Alexander Egorov
    Contractor: VektorStroyMontage LLC

    GBA: 506 sqm

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  • photo by Edik Ilyin
  • photo by Edik Ilyin
  • photo by Edik Ilyin
  • photo by Praktika
  • photo by Edik Ilyin